Whatever the age all vehicles need regular servicing to help prolong the life, keep them reliable and safe and to highlight and areas of wear before they become an issue. The MOT test doesn’t involve any dissassembly so it is vital to get your vehicle serviced at least once a year or at the appropriate mileage. Please be aware of what manufactures are all too happy to tell owners. To keep your new car in warranty it does not have to go to them for service work. We are a VAT registered business and use Original Equipment specification parts so your warranty will not be affected. We will of course reset your service indicator if fitted and stamp the service book to help maintaine your records and resale value.
Another area of misconception are the longer service intervals being recommended, yes oil technology has advanced but so has the demand being placed on it. We cannot advise more than 10 000 miles between services. Vehicles going past this level will reduce in efficency as well as increasing wear rates, filters can become blocked and wear in other components (mainly the highly critical steering, suspension, tyres and brakes) will get past a point of early detection.


Please call for a quote and to book your vehicle in, we will do everything possible to cause you minimum disruption. We can collect/deliver/take you on to another destination all at a time convient to you. Saturday mornings are always popular for people who can’t be without during the week, we are also open long hours Monday – Friday so collection/drop off outside of your working day is easily arranged