Whatever make or model your vehicle is having access to a garage with the right diagnostic capability is vital, here at Norwood Autos we have specialist equipment that will cover 99% of vehicles and all the different systems fitted to them. Although engine electrics are the main ones people are aware of there are also electronic control units on steering, brakes, security, airbags, lighting, audio, transmissions and many many more. The first symptons you may be aware of are warning lights on the dashboard, these are there for a reason so please don’t hesitate to call for a diagnostic check.

Our continued investment in up to date diagnostic equipment means you can be sure we are equiped to service, maintain and repair your car to the highest standards and at the best possible price to yourself. We also will happily do a basic check for people wishing to carry out there own repairs and also take on diagnostic work for other less equiped garages. Please ring or call in for more information and prices starting from £20